The Architect

Merlyn Emrys
Art by: Joshua W. Murcray
Merlyn Emrys

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Written by: Joshua W. Murcray

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Avatar Physiology:

An Angel of the Eagle Host appeared to Merlyn (not his real name) and Blessed him, turning his skin to a glowing bright yellow, making him the Source of Creation of a new universe, the one that would be called Earth-668.



Merlyn has use of every ability, every power, and every bit of experience or knowledge that exists. He can grant any of these to any one or he can remove them.

Self-Sustenance: Merlyn can survive and even communicate in outer space, underwater and even underground. Though he does not seem to need air, except to speak, or even food or water, that does not stop him from occasionally enjoying a meal.

Source of Creation: Merlyn Emrys is the Source of Creation for Earth-668 and therefore cannot leave it. If he left or were to remove himself from this universe or existence completely, the entire universe of Earth-668 would cease to exist. He can alter the very fabric of reality with a thought.

Omnimorph: There is nothing and no one that Merlyn cannot become completely, even down to the atomic level.

Spell Breaking: Merlyn can break curses or spells cast on himself or others and return altered or transformed beings back to their natural state.


Merlyn has the ability, though he rarely uses it, to be everywhere at the same time.

Total Temporal Control: Merlyn can manipulate the time-stream itself to achieve various effects. He has absolute control of time and is not hindered with the same weaknesses as other time travelers, i.e. he can alter events in the past because, to him, all of time is the same and there is no past or present or future.


Merlyn knows all that is happening within this universe.

Spectral Sight: Merlyn can see the supernatural. This includes demons, angels, ghosts, pookas, leprechauns and souls.

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Business Management

Charisma: Merlyn possesses natural charm and charisma that easily attracts people to him.

Diplomatic Immunity: It is still unclear how he was able to do it, but at one point in time, Merlyn was confirmed to be the Merlin from the King Arthur legend. As such, with proof that he predates the current government, the United British Empire granted him Diplomatic Immunity and declared him to be their Ambassador of Truth.

Expert Combatant: Due to his ability to travel through time, Merlyn has trained in nearly every fighting style that ever existed even though his abilities make him invincible, he always claims that he needs to learn, "just in case." Though he prefers martial arts and is an expert spear-wielder, he is also adept at archery, swordsmanship and knife throwing.

Expert Tactician

Leadership: His capabilities as a leader and a guide are impressive, as well; he has led groups into Heaven and Hell, and provided guidance throughout history for various individuals, including the present Warhawk.


Omnilingual: Merlyn is fluent in all languages, including animals and plants, from across history including the original language of man.

Storytelling: Merlyn always comes into a new adventure as a story. He thrives in it and even acts in it, manipulating events how he sees fit. When an event seems to be supernatural in nature, he depicts it to be normal and vice versa.

Weaponry: He is an expert in ancient warfare fighting styles, tactics and weaponry.

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Avatar Apparel: His apparel seems to be part of his abilities as they shapeshift with him and he can mentally repair them with a thought. His clothes also seem to be as tough and adaptable as he is.

Merlyn's Armor: Built by the angels of Heaven and blessed with angelic magic, like his Spear, Merlyn can summon or dispel his armor at will, having it appear already on him, or disappear back to wherever, or whenever, Merlyn has it stored. Merlyn does not need the armor and it appears to be just an outfit he uses from time-to-time.

The Aerie: Built by heavenly materials, Merlyn has access to a large tower which is invisible to most humans and sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Functioning as his home, Merlyn primarily uses it meditate and have some alone time.

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Art by: Oleg Bulatnikov

Michael's Battle Spear: Merlyn was given this Spear on the day of his blessing, by Michael, the Archangel. Because the Spear is controlled by Merlyn's will, the Spear can cut literally anything, including otherwise intangible objects and people, and even dimensional fabric itself. At full power, Merlyn was once able to cut a hole in the dimensional barrier separating Heaven and Earth, enabling himself and certain knights to transverse planes of existence. When thrown, the Spear flies straight and never misses the target Merlyn intended. The Spear will return to Merlyn's grasp should he call it to him. Otherwise it will stay where it is, unable to be moved or taken by anyone but Merlyn. The Spear is another extension of Merlyn's powers, though he does not need it to use his powers. The Spear, when Merlyn is not using it, seems to disappear, as Merlyn stores it out-of-sync with time, allowing him to retrieve it at any moment or place.

Various: At times, Merlyn has been seen wielding a sword, bow and arrow, throwing knives, darts, axes, crossbows, guns, laser pistols and even a purple lightsaber. He is rarely seen with any of these items on his person, but he can call them into existence in an instant.

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Overconfidence: But is it overconfidence if you are literally the most powerful being in existence?

Talkative: A weakness of a different sort is his oft-noticed tendency to speak too much; but this may be related to his need to make those around him understand the consequences of their choices and the fact that they face choices. Plus, it could be that he is lonely.

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(Physical Features/Speaking Voice/Likely Vocabulary/Characteristics/Mannerisms)

Costume Changes: Since his costume and overall look is controlled by his will, his costume and overall look shifts from time-to-time and is not always the same each time he appears. It really depends on his mood.

Fourth Wall: It has been hinted that Merlyn can break the Fourth Wall.

Stranger To Death: When the Grim Reaper, who is connected with Death, first took note of Merlyn, he could not comprehend Merlyn's true nature. Given that Grim Reaper can sense whether or not something is alive or a reborn being or an immortal, the fact is the only description he can give of Merlyn is "something outside of that."

Superhero Fan: He is a fan of just about all known T.I.T.A.N.S. and their Reserves, Academy members, Sanctioned individuals and even a few Rogues. To the point of asking for a selfie with them or an autograph.