The Quake

Written by: Joshua W. Murcray

Eruptions & Earthquakes

On Earth-668 the event called The Great Burn caused San Andreas Fault to finally let go and shake the country apart. This lead to the eruptions of the supervolcanos in Yellowstone National Park and California.


The Quake occurred within hours of The Great Burn as the continental shelves could no longer handle the pressures inflicted on them by the explosions of multiple nuclear weapons around the globe. The Quake happened in a wave like pattern, starting with the Pacific Plate which caused the other plates to also begin to move. As the movement of the Earth's crust spread around the globe, whole cities and entire nations were left shaken...or completely in ruins.

The Quake lasted for 27 hours (including aftershocks) and caused the super-volcanoes in Yellowstone National Park and California to ignite. However, after initial eruption, The Quake continued with aftershocks, causing nearby mountains to crumble and the whole landscape bucked up and down.

For several hours the earthquakes and aftershocks rocked the area causing the volcano itself to shake apart, caving in on itself. Lava spouted from every angle out of the ground, but as it fell it began to cap itself off.

Finally, after nearly ten hours, the super-volcano, thanks to all the massive tremors, had erupted and then ruptured and then caved in, beginning the cooling process that would be broken during the still massive aftershocks. As the shocks lessened in strength more of the underground area surrounding the volcano would splinter and crack and create underground drains for the volcano's lava to flow instead of spewing out into the night. Within 13 hours of erupting, the super-volcano was now just a lava flow that had already begun the cooling process.

Now, most of the islands in the Pacific Ocean, including Nippon-koku, Mokuʻāina o Hawaiʻi, Aotearoa and Malo Saʻoloto Tutoʻatasi o Sāmoa, have flooded. The Quake reignited the volcanoes. All of them. Some of those that went to high ground in Mokuʻāina o Hawaiʻi to escape the floods were burned alive as lava flowed down the mountains and into the rising sea. Some islands are now just shallow areas of ocean, the Ring of Fire was active for days, causing massive devastation and the final death toll for The Quake reached over 2 billion!