The Great Burn

Written by: Joshua W. Murcray

Death & Birth

On Earth-668 there was an event called The Great Burn and it led directly to The Quake.
This event, while it did create thousands of powered individuals around the globe, also caused catastrophic worldwide destruction killing billions and completely altering the world governments and geography.


Nippon-koku, a country everyone thought was on their side, suddenly activated all of their military. This immediately raised all countries threat-level to Red. Initial reports out of Nippon-koku said they were arming their nuclear silos...and not just one of them, but ALL of them!

Several elite task forces were sent in to stop each of the silos. José Heredia Montoya was a member of the main force sent to try and stop the actual launch, or, at the very least, alter their trajectory to crash harmlessly in open water. Everything went fine until they were discovered and Montoya's men died protecting him and buying him time to do his job, but the Japanese forces were too efficient and they managed to stop him before he could finish the job.

Some silos reported failed launches, but more than half of the total number of missiles were able to be launched. Of those numbers, 12 of them struck their supposed targets wiping out millions of people. The other launches, while not striking their intended targets, still exploded off-shore of various continents. One in particular missed its intended mark, but, instead, struck the Hadron Super-Collider on the France–Switzerland border near Geneva, causing an Atomic Particle Wave to ripple out.

The explosions of each missile strike caused the Atomic Particle Wave to intensify and "bounce" or reflect thereby giving the wave enough power and momentum to literally encircle the entire globe. Surprisingly the entire country of Rossiyskaya Federatsiya was spared a nuclear blast, however, due to the nuclear ricochet, waves of energy still swept over the country. Though the wave was not as powerful as those in the White Zones on the above map, it was still powerful enough to cause subtle changes in local flora and fauna. To exacerbate the situation, as each wave spread across the lands, where two or more waves crossed, the effects were stronger. The more waves interconnecting, the stronger the effects.

Worst part of The Great Burn? Nippon-koku was not launching towards other sites on Earth. Satellite radar had picked up an alien vessel approaching Earth and, after no response from the aliens, Nippon-koku took it upon themselves to launch a preemptive salvo in order to destroy it.

Montoya and his men managed to stop slightly less than half of the launches, but their efforts to alter the trajectory of the missiles caused them to go way off course! They were heading for space but now, because of his efforts, they came back down to strike other countries. Had Nippon-koku just told others about the alien vessel, no one would have tried to stop them and billions of people would still be alive and The Great Burn and the Quake would never have happened. But, it was an advanced secret spy satellite that had picked up the signal before anyone else and Nippon-koku did not want to let anyone know it existed.

The world's geography has been altered by these impacts, the climate and seasons are still behaving eratically, and scientists believe the tilt of the Earth is off and the Poles have shifted. As for the population, the final death count reached just over 2 billion and no one knows how many people were affected by the Great Burn.

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