Windows of Opportunity

4164 Brockton Ave
Riverside, CA

(951) 682-6581

Program Associate

Fair Housing Council of Riverside County

March 2021 - Present

Customer Service: Direct and inform call-ins in order to ensure they received proper treatment and assistance in attaining rental assistance.

Data Processing: Track and report information and call-in details for better assistance and contact for counselors and assigned agents.

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1201 University Ave
Riverside, CA

(951) 369-0680

Senior Game Advisor


May 2018 - Jan 2021

Sales: Daily put into practice years of experience with people to leverage high-margin sales.

Customer Service: Currently have a high percentage of positive survey feedback.

Accounting: Nearly two years handling cash transactions with no shortage or overages, and no mishandling of accounts.

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Olive Garden
22880 Centerpoint Drive
Moreno Valley, CA

(951) 656-3531


Olive Garden

Sep 2011 - May 2018

Sales: Daily put into practice Suggest, Inform, Endorse; the sales motto of Olive Garden.

Customer Service: Won multiple Guest Satisfaction contests and acquired several guests who repeatedly asked for my service.

Accounting: Managed more than 6 years of cash transactions with no mishandling of accounts.

Teamwork: Built trust with fellow employees by being ready to help when needed.

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Murcray Management
PO Box 10157
Moreno Valley, CA

(951) 836-8791


Murcray Management, LLC

Jun 2016 - Dec 2017

Maximizing Exposure: Leveraging knowledge of social media platforms, real experience at cultural events, and personal knowledge of key players; Murcray Management LLC delivered exceptional strategies.

Business Management: Ran a social media company, successfully having consulted for multiple clients, that tracked, posted, planned, and provided all traffic and interaction data on several social media platforms.

Public Relations: Have covered multiple events for these clients, including: The Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Sundance Film Festival, and more.

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Cowboy Errant
Nobility For:
Media Inquiries - Email
Press Inquiries - Email
General Inquiries - Email

Director of Social Media

Cowboy Errant Pictures

Jul 2015 - Oct 2017

Online Services: Helped increase online presence by more than 50%.

Social Media Management: Primary responsibilities included creating and maintaining their social media accounts and covering LIVE events.

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Centric GroupCentric Group
13369 Valley Blvd.,
Fontana, CA

(909) 429-6953

Warehouse Associate

Centric Group, LLC
Keefe Group Commisary

Mar 2006 - Jul 2011

Supervisor: Yearly experience in training new hires and maintaining a smooth-running work environment for seasonal employees.

Order Filler: Consistently filled commissary orders while maintaining a minimum of 24 orders/hour with a 98.5% accuracy daily.

Truck Driver/Delivery: Helped manage a special crew of drivers that would travel to multiple cities for delivery.

Inventory Control: Twice a year would participate in organizing the Inventory Count for over a hundred employees.