Origin Story

Amalgam Universe
Art by Joshua W. Murcray

Origin of the Amalgam Universe 2.0
Art by: phil-cho

Since childhood, the human that would one day be known as Merlyn the Wise, or Merlyn Emrys as he is now called, has dreamed of a new world. A world that combined his favorite characters that he, himself, could journey through and become one of them.

As time went on and he grew older he lived a life of fantasy, dreaming of this other world, while struggling on his own. Until one day, when his life had reached a point where he would have to discard his dream in order to take on authority that would demand much of his time. On that day an angel appeared to him claiming to be an Angel of the Eagle Host of the Most High. The man fell to the ground begging to know what the angel would need of him.

At this, the angel lowered himself to the ground and placed his hand on the man's head and spoke a Blessing. The words were private and only Merlyn knew what they were. But upon completing the Blessing, the man knew that he was different and that his life would never be the same again. Deep within he felt that he had finally been given a chance to live his purpose.

Casting aside his old life and taking on a new form and name, Merlyn Emrys vowed to strive to bring about a better world.

Charged with bringing The Truth back into mankinds minds, to show them The Way to live a peaceful existence with each other and those they will meet in the future, and to renew in them a respect for all Life; Merlyn's course was set. The angel disappeared only to be replaced by another angel, this one far bigger and brighter than the one before. Merlyn knew instantly that this was Michael, the Archangel.

Michael offered up a glowing Spear, and said, "Behold, my Battle Spear. I have carried this into battle against those who have revolted against our Lord. I have used it to drive the hordes evil back into the Abyss. And now I entrust it to you. With it you can open the divides between worlds or seal them. Use this wisely, for I shall be watching." With a sly wink, Michael disappeared, and Merlyn was alone, glowing and holding a Spear that still hummed with the power of the Archangel.

Merlyn now held the very power to build a new world and he knew exactly how he was going to do it. It was time this world had superheroes. But there needed to be balance. To bring The Truth, to show The Way, and to renew respect for Life. He was just one person. He would need two more.

Bending time and space, Merlyn used the Spear to open a rift between worlds, reached out and gathered copies of the life energies of heroes from two universes. Creating an amalgam of these heroes, Merlyn formed his first two creations, granting them nigh-omnipotent powers and abilities that would put them on near-equal footings with him.

The first he gave the task of becoming the Avatar of Life. He would protect life from the evil that would try and take it, by helping create and guide others like him to join in this enormous task.

The second was tasked with being the Avatar of The Way. He would help create, guide and train other amalgams from different universes, and let them be an example to the world on the true Way for living, for being, and for existing together, as a species.

Merlyn, as the Avatar of Truth, would journey throughout this world, uncovering the truth, and helping guide people, from all times, towards being true to themselves while changing the world at the same time. Together, the three would form an immortal trinity of supreme avatars, watching, guiding, fighting and standing guard over this world, bringing such change as to send shockwaves back and forth through time.

This is your world.

This is Earth-668.


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